Our Instruments

Small- and medium-scale compounding

Plastanalisi laboratory has widen up its range of instruments by introducing a co-rotating twin screw extruder for polymers transformation (or compounding) on a small to medium scale (processable quantities from 5 to 100 kgs).

This new instrument will develop new possibilities to reproduce compounding processes on a small-medium scale with good approximation in order to obtain new polymer formulas and assess their processability. It will enable you to work with small quantities of material and it will also give you the possibility to process high-priced materials by reducing manufacturing time and raising the number of tests that can be applied.



• COMAC co-rotating twin screw extruder;

• Screw diameter: 40mm;

• Capacity: 30-80 kg/hour;

• Workable quantity: 5-100 kg;

• Fed by K-Tron gravimetric feeder;

• Side K-Tron feeder for reinforcements and fillers;

• Degassing with vacuum pump.



Fields of application

• Small to medium scale compounding: 5-100 kgs;

• Processable resins: PE, PP, ABS, GPPS, SAN, PC, PA, PBT, POM and more

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