Our Instruments

UV-Visible spectrophotometer (UV-Vis)

UV-Vis spectrophotometry enables us to gather information from qualitative and quantitative viewpoint that are related to soluble substances that are combined with groups that manage energy absorption of visible ultraviolets. The radiations that are absorbed cause electronic transition at different levels of energy. This absorbed energy is characterized by a substance that depends on the atoms and compose itself the mentioned substance and the atoms of its inner molecules.

Qualitative analysis is linked to the molecular absorption spectrum which is obtained in the UV-visible wavelength and it is bond to the electronic structure of the molecule that is meant to fullfil the act of absorbing.

Quantitative analysis is linked to the combination of a species in solution combined with the absorption of the radiation of a given wavelength (Lambert-Beer law).

Fields of application

• Qualitative analysis of additives;

• Quantitative analysis of additives;

• Quantity determining of Anti-UV additives;

• Colorimetric determination of antistatic additives and phosphates

Example of the Analysis


Does the polystyrene (PS) sample contain anti-UV additives?



UV-Vis enables us to determine the absorption spectrum of the additive which are contained in the sample and with this information we build a calibration curve to state the final percentage of additive concentration.

The following picture shows an example of the mentioned PS spectrum with no additives and a PS spectrum with stabilising (anti-UV) additive.

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