Our Instruments

Microwave extraction system

Polymeric materials are often characterized by the presence in the formulation of a series of additives we can for example  anti-UV additives, process stabilizers, antioxidants, lubricants, oils, plasticizers, etc.

DETAILED COMPOSITION ANALYSIS require complete deformation, thus identifying the qualitative and quantitative composition of the additives present as well as the polymeric matrix.

The detailed analysis of additives by separation and subsequent identification generally requires preliminary preparation.

The sample preparation phase consists in the extraction of the compounds of the matrix to be analyzed.

The technique is based on the selective transfer of additives from the polymeric matrix to a solvent, under suitable conditions of time and temperature.

Plastananalysis Laboratory is equipped with the advanced ETHOS UP microwave extraction system which offers the best technology currently available for sample preparation, guaranteeing high productivity, effectiveness and reproducibility.

Fields of application

  • Complete deformation of the polymer matrix
  • Additives qualitative analysis
  • Semi-quantitative additive analysis
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