Our Instruments

FT-IR spectrophotometers


Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy (FT-IR) allows us to obtain information on the structure of compounds by studying their absorption spectra, originating from their molecular vibrations.


The infra-red spectrum is one of the most characteristic physical properties of the material. By using particular techniques and appropriate accessories, it is possible to analyse substances in different physical states, for example solids, liquids, solutions and suspensions.

Lab Instruments and Accessories

Available Lab Instruments:

- Nicolet Thermo iS20


- Nicolet 710 FT-IR




Available Accessories:

• Transmittance measurement equipment (thin films obtained by compression under heat);

• Variable thickness cells for transmittance measurements (samples in solution);

• ATR with diamond crystal (surface analysis for solid samples);

• ATR with SeZn Zinc Selenide crystal (analysis of samples in solution);

• ATR with Ge germanium crystal (analysis of samples in solution and samples containing Carbon-Black);

• DRIFT (powder, ash and surface analyses);

• Photoacoustic (surface analysis, black coloured samples);

• Film maker (quantitative analysis).

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