Our Laboratory

Quality Certificate ISO 9001.

Laboratory Plastanalisi is certified with ISO 9001 quality certificate.


We have gone for this Quality System certification that is UNI EN ISO 9001 as a means of organizational strategy.


Our goals:


• To be the quality benchmark in terms of assitance and services as we are professional, expert and helpful;


• To keep doing our best in order to meet all the requirements that the customer needs especially all the quality, security and envoronmental aspects;

To keep constantly record of customer satisfaction in order to correct all the critical aspects of the service that we provide;


• To fully understand customer needs;

To share a bond between laboratory and customers that could be based on trust, reliability and speed;

• To keep constantly track of the services that we receive and supply with;


To meet time and delivery agreements;


This certificate does not represent the culmination of our goals as we keep setting more and more goals in order to enhance our internal activity and supply the customer with the best of our performances because our fixed point is customer satisfaction and the product is compliant with major certificates and regulations.


ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate is more than a result, it shows our quality business value.

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