Our Laboratory

PLASTANALISI High-Level Analysis

Our lab was founded a ten years ago with the aim of supplying specialist support and assistance to the companies and people who work with plastics.


Today there is an information flow related to raw material and finished products. The quality control try to meet a variety of needs and market targets such as: customers whose requirement is to gain complete information about products composition and reach the solution of possible breakages and/or malfunctions and at the same time competitors' requirement may be to gain knowledge about the formula of products.

Our strength is experience and expertise in field of plastics, which allows us to solve the problems you face on a daily basis while working with plastics. Our help consists in answering at three simple questions such as:


• What is this material?

• Why does it break?

• Why does it not meet certain levels of performance?


Our laboratory is able to provide you with:

• Support and assistance;

• Check the information of the technical data sheet;

 Quality control, chemical and rheological tests on the products that you buy or sell.

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