Our Laboratory

Examples of the Analyses that we are able to do:

• We identify the polymeric base and plastic pollution;

• We analyse the type and the percentage of the polymer: ash of a range of plastics (ISO 3451);

• We analyse the composition of the multilayer films;

• We list all the elements that compose copolymers (Ex. % AN, PB in ABS);

• We are able to list all the quantities of C, H, N, S, O;

• We analyse the antistatic, lubrificant, pigment and anti-oxidant additives;

• We are able to list all the quantities of Anti-UV additives;

• We are able to analyse Teflon content (PTFE);

• We are able to determine polyamide elastomers percentage;

• We are able to state whether the polymer contains heavy metal or not;

• We are able to determine whether anion in aqueous matrix is contained in the analysed polymer;


• We are able to check the comformity with ROHS certificate;

• We are able to state the percentage of moisture contained in a polymer: Karl Fisher method (ISO15512);

• We are able to state the density grades on molded pieces and granules;


• We are able to scan the pigment;

• We do tribological tests: Taber Test.

Mechanical testing

• Tensile, flexural and compression testing

• Shore A/D hardness testing (ISO 868)

• Izod impact testing (ISO 80)

• Tensile strength testing (ISO 572)

• Flexural testing (ISO 178)

• Determination of ring stiffness (ISO 9969)

Rheological Testing

• Fluidity index measurements: Melt Flow Index (MFR) and Melt Volume Rate (MVR) (ISO 1133);

• Viscosity measurement for polyamide solutions (ISO 307).

Thermal Testing

• Vicat Softening Temperature (ISO 306);

• Heat Deflection Temperature testing (ISO 75);

• Thermal properties of the polymer (Tm, Tg): DSC (ISO 11357);

• Determination of OIT (Oxidative Induction Time).

Inflammability Measurements

• Self-extinguishing (1.6mm - 3.2mm) inflammability test (class V0, V1, V2)

• Glow wire test (IEC 60695-2-12/13)


We are also able to do ISO standardised pieces test where required as well as tensile, flexural, Vicat, H.D.T. tests, etc.

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