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Xenon Test with water spray Outdoor/Indoor

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We as Laboratory Plastanalisi are able to provide all the customer with a new type of analysis that is the degradation study of materials -> XENON TEST WITH SPRAY WATER.

Sunlight, moisture, high temperatures and rain can cause damage to your products such as: fading, yellowing, disintegrations and cracking.

This new lab instrument gives you the possibility to SIMULATE and ACCELERATE conditions of your product sample in order to test the light sensitivity, moisture and temperature resistance of the material.

Xenon lamps simulate realistic environment that would involve the use of the finished product in order to create the full spectrum of sunlight, including ultraviolet visible light and infrared that the product will bear with.

The instrument is composed of special filters to simulate:

• Exposure to direct sunlight;

• Exposure to sunlight behind a glass window;

• Exposure to bright indoor;

• Exposure to direct sunlight outdoor simulating weather effects that could lead to mechanical erosion and thermal shocks.

Samples are exposed to this test according to the UNI EN ISO 4892-2: 2013 cycles (light, dark, moisture) and after sample conditioning you will be able to do the following assessments:

• Appearance (visual assessment and/or colorimeter)

• Structural aspects (evaluation with mechanical tests (Izod, tensile, etc.), specific chemical tests)

This type of analyse could be applied on finished parts and standard specimens.

Xenon test is the right choice if your goal is to develop new products, improve existing products or to evaluate how changes in formula affect the durability of products.
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