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High Resolution Atomic Flam Absorption CONTRAA 800F

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Plastanalsi has decided to enrich and modernize its instrument park, replacing the old Plasma ICP-OES with a new instrumentation that allows the analysis of metals in a faster and more accurate way. The High Resolution Atomic Flam Absorption analysis technique  allows the simultaneous determination of different metal ions, speeding up and optimizing the quality of the analytical data and the analysis times.





• Simple and robust routine analysis, made possible by a fast and sequential multi-element analysis with flame techniques

• High-definition absorption spectra display for interference-free analysis

• High level of accuracy even with the most complex matrices




Fields of application:

• Qualitative analysis of metals present in the sample

• Quantitative analysis of metals present in the sample

• Qualitative and quantitive analysis of heavy metals

• Determination of Cd, Pb, Cr for RoHS compliance verification

• Study of the composition of inorganic fillers

• verification of  Mo% in MoS2 lubricated samples

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