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COVID-19: Plastic and disinfectants

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On plastic after seven hours it loses strength, but disappears only after 72, these are the results of research published by the New England Jounral of medicine have increased the precautions to be taken to stay away from the infection.

 The good news comes to us through the voice of Juan Leon, a researcher at Emory University: “All Coronaviruses - he explains - are wrapped in a protective layer of fat. Disinfectants and degreasers eliminate that shield making the coronavirus easy to eliminate compared to other viruses that instead have a stronger protein coverage ". The Environmental Protection Agency has developed a list of detergents and disinfectants whose effectiveness has been proven directly on this new Coronavirus, or Covid-19. They have "dark names", but they are normal household cleaners and disinfectants.

To disinfect surfaces, subject to being touched directly and also by several people, we recommend using 75% alcohol (ethanol) or 1% chlorine-based disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite) ".

But what effect do these repeated treatments have on plastic surfaces?

The Plastanalisi laboratory offers you the possibility to SIMULATE and ACCELERATE the conditions in which your products are found, going to test the sensitivity of the material to the treatment with disinfectants in the presence of UV-visible radiation, humidity and temperature.

Using the XENON TEST technique, we can achieve the most realistic reproduction of the full spectrum of sunlight, thus simulating the real aging of the product.

Your materials properly treated with the common disinfectants proposed by the WHO will be exposed to specific cycles (light, dark, humidity) and subsequently they will be tested by evaluation:

- Aesthetic aspect (visual evaluation and / or with colorimeter)
- Structural aspects (evaluation with mechanical tests (Izod, traction etc.), specific chemical tests)

For more details and information contact us!

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