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Case History: Determination of material composition and elastomer presence

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Category: Laboratory

Understanding your Problem: the need to determine the nature of the material and whether or not it includes an elastomeric component.


Providing your Solution: firstly, we studied the polymer base of the sample via FT-IR spectroscopy and DSC. The presence and percentage of inorganic fill was then determined.


Qualitative and quantitative determination of the presence of elastomers was performed via a procedure developed inside our own laboratory. The elastomeric component was separated by treating the polymer base, and once this component had been obtained the type of elastomer present was determined via FT-IR analysis.


The analyses performed led us to the following conclusions:-

- The polymer base of the sample is a polyamide; DSC thermal analysis allowed us to identify this as PA66.

- Ash analysis and optical microscopy showed that no inorganic fill was present.

- An elastomeric component was detected, with a percentage by weight of 28%. The IR spectrum obtained allows us to see that a polyolefin type elastomer is present in the sample.

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